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Everyone is welcome to come to our meetings and participate in our mailing list. To be eligible to vote on events or participate in elections, you need to attend at least three consecutive meetings.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are Thursday Evenings at 8pm. Meetings are in Virgina B unless otherwise noted. Virginia B(formerly Captial A) is in the student commons. Go up the main stairs and take a left, its on the righthand side.
Meetings start at 8pm.

Sept 16 - Alumni Boardroom
Sept 23 - Virginia D
Oct 7 - Virginia A (Special meeting, political debate)
Dec 2 - Virginia C
Feb 24 - Virginia D
March 3 - Virginia D
March 31 - Virginia C
April 14 - Virginia D
May 5 - Virginia D
May 19 - Virginia D

There will be no meetings over winter holiday break or spring break.

If you use either the macintosh iCal or Mozilla Calendar Plugin for Firefox or Mozilla, you can subscribe to the remote calendar by clicking here, and any updates will be automatically reflected on your computer.

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