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Queer Action meets in the University Student Commons at VCU on Wednesday eventings at 8pm.

Email us at queeraction@vcu.edu

President - Jeremy Kidd
Vice President - Kelly Farrell
Treasurer - Justin Johns


Can I come to a meeting to see what it's like?

Meetings are open to all, and are used for planning group events. These events include (but are not limited to) guest lectures, discussion panels, and demonstrations. Most of the meetings are Thursdays at 8pm in the Virginia Room of the University Student Commons (907 Floyd Ave) but we get shuffled rooms from time to time, so check the schedule posted on the join us page.

How do I join?

Anyone is welcome to come to meetings and sign up for the mailing list, but to be eligible to participate in elections or votes, you need to come to at least three consecutive meetings. Our events (lectures, workshops) are open to everyone.

What kind of stuff do you do?

We organize lobbying, canvasing, or letter-writing campaigns for the national gay marriage debate. We also bring speakers to the university to talk about legal and political issues affecting GLBT people. We are also working on getting an honors module or topics course on gay history started at VCU, with a number of interested faculty.

I'm really bored. Can I read the Queer Action constitution?

Sure. It's located here in MS Word format.

Why does VCU have two queer groups? What is your relationship to SMSA?

SMSA was VCU's first queer organization, and was founded in the 1970s, during a time where being a part of such an organization was considered so dangerous that the names and contact information of the officers was kept confidential. In contrast, Queer Action started in February of 2004 in an effort to kickstart queer activism in a generation that has become complacent with the political strides over the last 20 years.

SMSA provides a wonderful place for people to meet, relax, learn about the Richmond queer community, and talk about any issues that may be on their mind. Queer Action's focus is organizing events and keeping up with political activism in Richmond. We work together on a number of events that overlap interests, such as Coming Out Day or the National Day of Silence, but we are two distinct groups to serve the different needs of GLBTS students at VCU.

Many people participate in both Queer Action and SMSA, and are encouraged to do so. Queer Action officers attend SMSA meetings and vice versa, so we can keep up to date on what everyone is doing.