Arabic/Islamic Studies Programs in the USA and Abroad


(This list was obtained from the MSA @ University of Michigan)



I. Arabic Studies Programs in the USA


1. Georgetown Arabic Language Institute-Summer Program

Courses offered from beginning to advanced level. Students will spend from six to seven hours per day, five days a week.

Contact: Belkacem Baccouche

2. Arabic Language Summer Courses at UCLA

Courses offered in Elementary Arabic, Intermediate Arabic, Advanced Arabic, and Elementary Spoken Egyptian Arabic. Open to college and university students, high school students who have completed their sophomore year, and adult learners.

Program fee: $1380 plus registration fee of $260.
Contact: David Hirsch
(31 0)825-2930

3. Middlebury College, Vermont

Offers one of the best summer-intensive programs in the country. It is approximately eight or nine weeks long, and costs close to $5000. Very extensive program.

Look at this web-site:
and click on "Misc" for more information.

4. University of Michigan, Summer Language Institute

Courses offered in Intensive Modern Standard Arabic, Intensive Intermediate Modern Standard Arabic, and Intensive Colloquial Levantine Arabic (spoken in Jerusalem, Amman, Damascus, and Beirut).

Fees vary for MI residents from $ 1470-2708 and for non-MI residents $461 1-5458.

Contact: Nancy Boatner
(734)763-4539 (direct line) or (734)764-0314 (office line)

5. University of Chicago, Intensive summer Arabic Program

Courses offered for beginners, intermediate, high intermediate, and advanced. Supplementary
courses may also be offered in other subjects.

Fees: About $2443.20 for each course.

Contact: Intensive Summer Arabic
Center for Middle Eastern Studies
The University of Chicago
5828 University Avenue

Phone: (7773)702-8297

6. University of California, Santa Barbara

Summer Intensive Arabic for Beginners

Contact: Magda Campo or call Registrar Office at (805)893-3592.


7. Summer Intensive Elementary Arabic at Penn

Email instructor David Hollenburg at: or Mary Nachtrieb at:

8. Summer Arabic Program at Washington University in St. Louis

Contact: Peter Heath:

9. American Institute for Yemeni Studies
PO Box 311
Ardmore, PA 19003-0311


According to Br. Au Hussain, all costs are paid for. For more info, contact Br. Ali at:

* Summer Arabic programs are also offered at UC Berkeley, University of Utah, and perhaps San Francisco State University.


II. Arabic Studies Programs Abroad


1. American University in Cairo-Undergrad/Grad Programs

Perhaps one of the most established and well-known programs for acquiring knowledge of the Arabic language. The Arabic Language Institute administers two programs: Intensive Arabic and the Center for Arabic Study Abroad (CASA) programs. These programs credit toward a degree at AUC.

Contact: American University in Cairo, Mrs. Mary Davidson, (2 12)730-8800
Cost for summer: $1975-$2495 (not sure) /year: $7900

2. Hedayat Institute for Arabic Studies

Small classes designed to meet interest and needs of students.
Mailing address: 72, Road #10
Maadi, Cairo, Egypt
Phone 20-2-350-3915/20-2-350-9364

3. Al-Azhar

An extensive program, requires a commitment of a various number of years  (depending on level of Arabic and program). Requires placement test, may place student in either high school or jr. High school classes until the "graduate" whereupon one joins the university and specializes in one of the Islamic sciences.

4. Markaz Fajr

11 levels from beginning to advanced. After completing all levels, may take certification for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers.

5. Markaz Nile

Institute for study of Arabic and Turkish. Private lessons offered only.

6. Markaz Diwan: Arabic classes, variety of curriculums offered. More of an Islamic emphasis in books. Contact: Ayesha at for info on the above 4 programs.

7. International Language Institute (ILI)-Cairo

Summer and full-year courses. MSA and Egyptian Colloquial offered. Several options available during the year: Twelve weeks of MSA $360. Egyptian Colloquial: regular eight weeks, intensive four weeks, $135. Summer four-week intensives (MSA and EC) $350. Assistance is given in finding housing.


8. American Language Institute in Fez (ALIF)

A Six week summer intensive. Modern Standard and Moroccan Colloquial. Open to students with at least one year of college-level Arabic. Tuition, fees, room and board, and transportation estimated at $3200. Several housing options available. Scholarships available. Also have flexibility of setting up your own curriculum along with classroom setting. There is a brother named Abdul-Hadi, who sets up one on one instruction (or small group instruction for 2 or 3) to sit and learn with a sheikh if one is interested in a particular Islamic science at the Khariwwiyyin University.

9. National Council on US-Arab Relations sponsors Passage to Morocco and Aleppo, Syria (separate programs) Intensive Modern Standard Arabic study, cultural diversity exploration through home stays, lectures on Morocco and related North African issues, as well as visits to historical and cultural sights.
Fee: $2200. Contact: Mr. John Vanderberg (202)293-0801
The fee is $3000 for the program in Syria. Students travel with an American scholar to various sights. Same contact.

Al-Akhawayne University in Irfane, Morocco-Summer Intensive Arabic Language and Cultural

Program for elementary, intermediate, and advanced level for a period of seven weeks. Contact

Al-Akhawayn University, (212 5) 86 24 21
Email: or


10. Intensive Arabic Studies Program (Tangier)

King Fahd Advanced School of Translation

Abdelmalek Essadi University

Kevin Lacey, Director, Tangier Program

Dept. Of Classical and Near Eastem Studies

State University of New York at Binghamton

P0 Box 6000

Binghamton, NY 13902-6000

(607)777-6120; (607)777-6709

Intensive eight week summer program. Intermediate Modern Standard (no elementary level) is

offered, with sessions in elementary and intermediate Moroccan Colloquial. Tuition: $2000.

Fellowships available.


11. Arabic Language Institute (Fez)

American Language Center of Fez

Stephen Casewit, Director BP2136

Fez, Morocco/ Tel: (2 12/5)624850

Six and three week intensive sessions offered throughout the year. Modern Standard and

Moroccan Colloquial at all levels including Survival Moroccan Arabic, Advanced Readings in

Islamic Texts. Six week session (120 hours) 5500 dirhams; three week session (45-60

hours)2750 dirhams ($l=19.6 dirhams). Housing assistance provided. Moroccan host families.


Saudi Arabia:


12. King Fahd University Dahran, Saudi Arabia

"Arabic for Foreigners"/Male students only.

Special Arabic Sessions (Jeddah)

Dean of Admissions

Dept. Of Islamic Studies

King Abdul Aziz University

P0 Box 1540

Jeddah 21441. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


13. Arabic Program (Riyadh)

Dean of Admissions

King Saud University

P0 Box 2454

Riyadh 11 45 1, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Contact the Cultural Mission at the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington, D.C. (202)298-8899.


14. Islamic University in Madinah

Arabic program designed for foreign students and Arabs. Scholaris is given for living expenses (airfare included). Acceptance equals scholarship. Arabic Language Program lasts for 2 years, then apply to one of the 5 colleges (Sharia, Hadith, Quran, Dawah, Arabic Language). Undergrad. And Grad. Programs. Only for men. Limited perspective. Contact: Jihad Turk at j


Syria and Yemen:


15. National Council of US-Arab Relations sponsors two summer study programs

one in Aleppo, Syria, and in Yemen. Will meet different academics, receive briefings on US-Arab relations, discuss history, politics, and economy. (I am not sure if this is an Arabic program or not). Contact Kirsten Bornmann at 202-293-0801.

Contact Cultural Affairs Officer Juliet Wurr at the American Cultural Center in Damascus for information on programs in Syria. Her email is:


16. Arabic Teaching Institute for Foreigners (Damascus)

Muhammad Kudeimi, Director


Villat Sharqiyah (Eastern Villas)

Damascus, Syria

Tel: 963-11-221-538

Beginning and intermediate classes in Modern Standard. Winter eight-month course (Oct-May)

$400. Summer three-month course (June-Sept) also $400. Contact Embassy of Syria in

Washington, D.C. early for entry visa (202-872-8406.


17. Center for Arabic Language and Eastern Studies-Yemen

Different levels are offered, semester and 6-week courses available. The institute offers halaqas for interested students. Costs vary. Pretty inexpensive though. Email:


18. Yemen Language Center (YLC) (Sanaa)

P0 Box 16961

US contact: Mohammad Rahawi

323 Grundy Dr.

Falls Church, VA 22046

Tel. And Fax: (703)534-3346

All levels of Modern Standard and Yemeni Colloquial. Half term: four-six weeks, US $980.

Full term: ten-twelve weeks, $1800. Full year: $6850. Summer: ten-twelve weeks, $1800. Fees

include housing. Class size limited to six students.


19. Specialist Language Training (Spectra) (Sanaa)

P0 Box 16101

Sanaa, Yemen

US contact: Marc Moebius

169 5. Harrison St.

Princeton, NJ 08540

Tel: (609)924-5614

Summer and full-year programs. Modern Standard and Yemeni Colloquial. Summer: twelve

weeks, $2200. Financial assistance available. Students sign pledge to use Arabic at all times.


20. MALI-Sana'a Program in Yemen

The Modern American Language Institute

Courses offered in Modern Standard Arabic, Colloquial Yemeni Arabic, Arabic Calligraphy and

other programs tailored to specific needs. TeleFax 9671-241561/email:

US rep: Tel/Fax 703-578-0145


21. Summer Arabic Program (Irbid) University of Virginia-Yarmouk University

Muhammad Sawaie

B027 Cabell Hall

University of Virginia

Charlottesville, VA 22903

Tel: 804-982-2304/email:

Eight-week intensive summer course. Intermediate and Advanced Modern Standard and

Jordanian Colloquial. $2,600 tuition, room, and international transportation. Full fellowships



III. Miscellaneous Programs


Zarka Private University*- Started by 'Islamicists;' offers Arabic from beginning to advanced for non-native speakers. Semester or year program. $325/Summer, $425/regular semester. Have the option to reside in the town of Zaika or Amman. Hostels for women, no student housing for men. Degrees are offered in Islamic History, Shari'a, Fiqh, Arabic language and other Islamic sciences. (i.e., Sira, Tafsir, Tajweed, Hadith, etc.)

Ahl-al-Bayt University*-self sufficient campus on the border of Syria and Jordan. Located in Mafrak, Jordan. Housing for men/women, summer tuition is $1000.

International Islamic University*- located in Islamabad, Pakistan. Strict environment, not very well-organized. Programs for undergraduates, graduates.

Government Military Training School*-Islamabad, Pakistan well organized.
*-for information about the above, please contact Sister Noura Shamma:

International Islamic University-Located in Kuala Lumpur. Offer B.A. or MA. Placement tests required, degress offered in Arabic and other Islamic sciences.

Islamic Institute for Thought and Civilization: PhD offered in Islamic History , Islamic sciences, or Islamic thought. Contact Kareema Shamma:

Abou-Nour: In Syria, Madrassah for Shafai Fiqh and Arabic. Traditional Islamic madrassah.

University of Damascus- Year long and summer long course. Shari'a program as well under Shaikh Ramadan Bouti (author of Fiqh-us-Seerah) Prior Arabic fluency required. Contact Qurat Mir:

American Open University: Northern Virginia, offers Arabic as well as Islamic Studies in either English or Arabic by correspondence courses.

School of Islamic and Social Sciences- Northern Virginia. Offers MA in Islamic studies. Call (703) 779-SISS (7477) or e-mail: Internet:

Institute for Arabic and Isalmic sciences- Saudi organization in Northern Virginia, has segregated classes for Arabic as well as Islamic studies.

Az-Zaitoona Institute- Santa Clara, CA. Institute established by Shaikh Hamza Yusuf. Runs year-round, but the classes are taught on the weekend. Teaches Arabic in a traditional manner w/emphasis on grammer.

Deen Intensive Programs- program established in order to offer students an introduction to the classical Islamic studies. Usually consists of five to eight day retreats in different places, i.e. New Mexico, Toronto, New Jersey, Connecticut, England, etc. Program organized by Shaikh Hamza Yusuf and others.

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