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MSA East Zone Conference 2002

March 29 - 31, 2002

Temple University

Holiday Inn, King of Prussia, Pennsylvania


Speakers Included:

Imam Zaid Shakir

Shaikh Ibrahim Memon

Imam Yahya Hendi

Dr. Khalid Blankinship


Imam Zaid Shakir

imamshakir.jpg (123529 bytes)

Picture of most of the brothers at the conference

brothergroup.jpg (42228 bytes)

Shaikh Ibrahim Memon

shaikhibrahim.jpg (145415 bytes)

The VCU Sisters' Group

vcusisters.jpg (152920 bytes)

The Sisters Again

vcusisters2.jpg (134162 bytes)

The VCU Brothers' Group

vcubrothers1.jpg (30663 bytes)

Shaboo, Hasan, Razi, Zaid, Sohaib, and Aadil having a conversation

guyseat1.jpg (27759 bytes)

The VCU Brothers again

vcubrothers2.jpg (25313 bytes)

Ali, Shazi, Oat, and Ali enjoying their food

guyseat2.jpg (28592 bytes)


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