Huddle at the Williamsburg Warm-up

High Tide '07: Caitlin, Nick, Jeff, Charles, Eli, Rob, Chris, Sam, Vinod, Kelly, Michelle Williamsburg Warm-up: Caitlin, Charles, Amy, Mark, Jeff, Sam, Nick, Chris, Eli, Morgan, Rob, Logan, Phil


Seniors (and Med/Grad students)

-Charles Yudson

-Eli Hosen

-Nick Schapiro

-Caitlin "News"wanger

-Mark "Just go with it" Rank

-Jack Krause

-Amy "in China" Derr

-Bryant Colie

-Heidi Hinson

-Jeff "Dr. Jeff" Leary

-Logan Okal

-Joey "Bearded Crazy" Martin




-Rob DiMaio

-Vinod "Vinny" Kondragunta

-Alex "Beque"er

-Britta Cedergren












-Chris Ercolano

-Morgan Robinson

-Scott "Engaged" Andrews

-Michelle Lore

-Kelly O'Briant

-Jeff Coppola

-Katie Mallory

-Amanda Ellis








-Sam Cooksey

-Brewski "Logan" Miller

-Rook "Andrew" Ferraro

-Serena Moitozo

-Morgan Cofer











Alumni, of sorts (and people who didn't show up for a tournament and were never seen again)

-Justin Koca (founder)

-Dave "old man" Lloyd (currently resides in Vermont)

-Dave Wright (never showed up for sectionals '06 and never seen again)

-Tyler Debus (never showed up for December '05 tournament and never seen again)


the team's 2nd college sectionals '06 (L to R): Eli, Nick, Joey, Dave L, Eric, Mark, Sam, Amy, Justin, Jack, Charles

7 on the line at West Virginia: Charles, Caitlin, Logan O., Kelly, Justin, Nick, Jack



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