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This server supports student organization web pages created by registered student organizations at Virginia Commonwealth University. These pages like all web pages at VCU are governed by the VCU Web Publishing Guidelines located at URL: http://www.vcu.edu/guidelines/index.html.

As a neutral provider of computing services and access to the Internet, the University does not endorse, review in advance or monitor the content of any materials transmitted, received, published or stored on or otherwise available through its systems. If the University receives complaints regarding the content of such materials, it will refer the complaint to the appropriate disciplinary system within the University, and it will cooperate with any resulting investigation in accord with the policies, procedures, and principles described or cited in these guidelines.

List of VCU Student Organizations hosted on this server

To see a the list of student organizations being hosted on this server, please visit URL

Obtaining an Account

Only Registered VCU Student Organizations may obtain an account on www.studentorg.vcu.edu. To create a web account online, please visit:

Note: To register your student organization with Student Affairs, please visit


Uploading your web pages to www.studentorg.vcu.edu

To upload the web pages that you create on your Macintosh or a PC to the www.studentorg.vcu.edu web server, you may use the programs Fetch or FTP respectively. These applications may be downloaded from
For assistance with file transfers, please visit the Fetch tutorial
or the WSFTP tutorial

Viewing your Web Site

The URL address for your web pages are http://www.studentorg.vcu.edu/[studentorgid]/index.html where "[studentorgid]" is your login id on the system and 'index.html' is the file name of your home page. Remember, in order for browsers to process HTML documents properly, the "filename" must end in ".html" (or .htm). If no filename is included then the browser looks for a file named index.html.


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Policy Recommendations

Policy recommendations from the Student Organization Web Server committee will be submitted in writing to the Academic Technology Faculty Advisory Council by the Faculty Advisor, along with a rationale justifying the proposed changes.

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